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KIND to the CORE

45 minutes

Welcome to our core class! Our unique method represents the core aesthetic of our studio and is designed to provide a full-body workout with low impact. Unlike other fitness classes, our program offers a fresh and dynamic experience with every session – you’ll never do the same class twice!

Our specially crafted formula ensures that your heart rate stays in the fat-burning zone, delivering results faster and more efficiently than traditional workouts. By incorporating multiple muscle groups in each move, we make sure that every minute counts towards toning and strengthening your entire body. Join us today and experience the difference that our core class can make in your fitness journey!

Stretch & Restore

45 minutes

Indulge in a restorative experience with our gentle reformer class, designed to improve flexibility, prevent injury, and alleviate stress. Connect with your breath and allow your body to reset and restore, as you flow through a series of active stretches. Leave feeling renewed and refreshed, ready to take on the rest of your day.

Our team of exceptional teachers, will guide you through this 45-minute class. Their kindness, expertise, and talent are unparalleled, ensuring that you receive the highest quality instruction and support every step of the way. Come and experience the transformative power of our gentle stretch and restore class today!

teen tribe

45 minutes

Introducing our exciting new Teen Pilates Class! we’re thrilled to offer a specialized program designed exclusively for teenagers. Our Teen Pilates Class is a dynamic and engaging way for young adults to discover the benefits of Pilates. Led by experienced instructors who understand the unique needs and energy of teenagers, this class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and body awareness while promoting a sense of well-being. Teens will have the opportunity to improve their posture, enhance core strength, and reduce stress—all in a supportive and fun environment. We believe that nurturing a healthy body and mind is essential during the formative teenage years, and our Teen Pilates Class is the perfect way to do just that. Imagine a mix of jump board to make it fun with cardio and dynamic movement..

pilates and benefits

Discover the transformative power of Pilates, a fitness method that elongates muscles without building bulk, while strengthening the back by building support in the abdominals. This low-impact workout minimizes the risk of injury by eliminating tension, stress, and muscular imbalances, while increasing flexibility, improving posture, coordination, and circulation for overall health.

At Be Kind Studio, our method enhances your body’s range of motion and tones your entire body simultaneously, ensuring that you achieve maximum results with each session. Our unique approach combines Pilates with other disciplines, creating a dynamic and challenging workout that will leave you feeling energized and invigorated. Join us today and experience the life-changing benefits of Pilates and our Be Kind Method!

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